Leicht Kitchens

Leicht Kitchens, Penshurst Street, Willoughby NSW, Australia


Kitchens from LEICHT of Germany are a reflection of human individuality and a sign of personal style. They are an invitation to a creative play with the effects of surfaces, the mix of materials, the possibilities in design.

LEICHT embodies kitchen design as a reflection of changing fashion and as a response to our changes in lifestyle. As the multi award winning top selling premium kitchen brand in Germany, LEICHT creates kitchens, vanities and custom joinery from a state of the art automated manufacturing facility and exports to over sixty countries worldwide.

Since 1928 LEICHT kitchens has promoted a philosophy of lasting value, durability and aesthetic quality while maintaining honesty and transparency in the use of materials and ecological manufacturing methods, and takes great pride in its PEFC certification. Every kitchen from LEICHT is an expression of planning expertise. What the eye sees as aesthetically beautiful design is the result of a planning philosophy that has allowed the kitchen to be composed of a multitude of elements which do justice to the most diverse needs.





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