A-Plan Kitchens

A-Plan Kitchens, Victoria Road, Drummoyne NSW, Australia


Aplan Kitchens is Sydney’s kitchen designers and installers of choice for the past 25 years. We believe a kitchen should be beautiful, from the finishes to the hinges, as well as be fully functional.

When we design kitchens, we design for the longer term so that the space doesn’t quickly become worn, tired or too small.Whatever your kitchen aesthetic, our professional designers are trained to realise it in every detail as well as to ensure that everything has its proper place. In addition to kitchen designs and installations, we also design and install bathrooms, laundries, home offices and wardrobes.A-Plan’s focus is on 100% customer satisfaction at the end of the project. If the slightest thing isn’t quite right with your kitchen, we’ll be back to tweak it. As our client, you’ll have the confidence that comes from a 10-year warranty provided by a business that will be around to honour it.





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